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 2014 Chronologic GBYWN Event Results Page

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2014 Chronologic GBYWN Event Results Page Empty
PostSubject: 2014 Chronologic GBYWN Event Results Page   2014 Chronologic GBYWN Event Results Page EmptyWed Jan 22, 2014 1:39 am

203BYW Holy New Year 2014 - January 4th, 2014 - Norwalk, CT
Knuckles def. Big Sexy Venum
Matt Xstatic def. Benjamin Rite Backe    
GBYWN World Tag Team Champion Daniel Divine def. Killa K  
Primetime def. OCWS Champion Saint Vengeance    
203BYW Championship - PJ Matthews def. Doc Holiday

WZWA Backyard TV Episode 6 - January 10, 2014 - Australia
Skream def. El Papasido & Afternoon Rocker via Skream Slice
Jack Wallace w/Dynamo def. Antillicus w/Brian Lowe via 450 splash
GBYWN World Hardcore Champion Killawott Kaos def. Dynamo via Gore
Ruzty (In his BYW return) def. "Nightstalker" Daniel Johnston via submission
GBYWN Australian Championship - Rex Regum (c) def. "Daredevil" Brian Lowe via Indian Deathlock

WZWA Wrestleution II - January 11, 2014 - Australia
Softcore Match - El Papasido def. El Queso Grande
Impromptu Match - Acid def. "Party Boy" Steele Kemsley (Acid would then join The Elite Alliance)
WZWA Backyard Championship - Submission Counts Anywhere - Mike Delcanho def. "Big Red" Ryan Tate (c)
Singles Match - 3Dawg def. "Nightstalker" Daniel Johnston
The Great Shinigami's Final Match - Rex Regum def. The Great Shinigami
Grudge Match - Mikanos def. Fazer
Cannibals Rules - "The Cannibal" Dan Zeplin def. JD Flame
WZWA Tag Team Championship/GBYWN Australian Tag Team Championship Triangle Ladder Match - The Franchise (c) def. The Rebellion and Circus Royale
Commissionership and leadership of EA - "Rockstar'' Alex Stone def. "The Commish" Aston Crude via countout (Commissionership and leadership does not change over)
GBYWN World Hardcore Championship - Killawott Kaos (c) def. "The Revolutionary" Clint Marshall
The xCw Final Battle - Nik Arial and Jonny V fought to a double knockout for a count of 10
Interstate Contest (WA vs VIC) - "The Commish" Aston Crude def. Ruzty (VIC)
WZWA Heavyweight Championship - Aston Crude as Special Guest Referee - "Rockstar'' Alex Stone def. "Suburban Nightmare'' Dark Ice (c) via DQ

UWC Crackas Be Dancin' - January 12, 2014 - New Jersey
Kyle Kutz De. Mathew Todd
Pick your Poison Match - Vengeance picks Lee - Killa K Def. Lee
Interim GBYWN X Division Championship Belt - Elimination 4-Way  Match  - Halo Brown (c) Def. Ryan Ragnarok, Warren Peace and GBYWN United States Tag Team Champion Andrew Sellers
Trouble Def. Jimmy Spino
Pick your Poison Match - Killa K picks Lee - Saint Vengeance Def. Lee

ICWS Aussie Anarchy IV - January 12, 2014 - Australia
ICWS Hardcore Championship - Brian Lowe (c) def. WZWA Champion Dark Ice
ICWS Hardcore Championship (Cash In) - Brian Lowe (c) def. Jack Wallace (Cash in)
Tag Team Match - Dynamo & Jack Wallace def. Aston Crude & Ryan Tate
ICWS Championship - Fatal 4-Way - Killawott Kaos def. Antillicus, Mike Delcanho and 3Dawg
GBYWN Australian Championship - Rex Regum (c) def. Daniel Johnston vis Indian Death Lock
Deathmatch - Dan Zeplin and Ruzty wrestled to a no contest
*Match will resume on Tuesday the 14th of January at WZWA

RCWA Underground Episode 89 - January 16,  2014 - United Kingdom
Brian Killjoy  def.  Jin Catastrophe
Omega Bill  def.  Rhys Wood
Sean Wilson Vs. Damian Black went to no contest

UWC Metamorphosis - January 19, 2014 - New Jersey
#1 Contender Match: Herman Cox vs Warren Peace ends in a No Contest
The Brotherhood (Ryan Ragnatok & Jimmy Spino) Def. Lee & Trouble
UWC Championship Tournament Finals - Killa K Def. Saint Vengeance

FLORDA BYX ONE Day 0 - January 24, 2014 - Temple Terrance, Florida
Ryan Storm Def. Ace Wired, Adam Bernett, and The Chad
Soyboy Def. Nick Shade
Chris Segrest Def. Andrew Sellers and Drake Braylor
Falls Count Anywhere Match - Henry Rotten Def. Killa K
Saint Vengeance Def.Chris Tiffer

FLORDA BYX ONE Day 1 - January 25, 2014 - Temple Terrance, Florida
Andrew Sellers Def. AMC
Adam 'Bolt' Bernett Def. Henry Rotten
Killa K Def. J-Knock
Soyboy Def. Tumble Petterson (Chris Chaos' TTDT name)
Fabulous Freebirds (Drake Braylor & Ace Wired) Def. TTDT (Tony Marelli [Shane Evans] & Von Wilson [Chris Carnage])
Clayton Cross Def. Ryan Storm
Chris Tiffer Def. Nick Shade
Donivin Demura Def. Chris Segrest
The Chad Def. Saint Vengeance

FLORDA BYX ONE Day 2 - January 26, 2014 - Temple Terrance, Florida
Shane Evans Def. Saint Vengeance
Soyboy Def. Killa K
Adam Bernett Def. Clayton Cross
No Disqualification Match - Fabulous Freebirds (Henry Rotten and Drake Braylor) Def. TTDT (The Chad & Tumble Petterson) *The Freebirds win the war against TTDT*

UWC Kicks en Shit - January 26, 2014 - New Jersey
Warren Peace Def. Todd and Jager
James Spino Def. “Interim GBYWN X-Division Champion” Halo Brown
Saint Vengeance Def. Kyle Kutz
Trouble Def. Ryan Ragnarok
Killa K vs GBWYN U.S. Tag Team Champion Andrew Sellers

RCWA Underground 90 – January 23, 2014
Dick Manwich  def.  Tim Lee in 1st round tournament match (pinfall)
GBYWN World Champion Sam Jude  def.  Will Ospreay in 1st round tournament match (pinfall)
Ark Howlett  def.  Ash Draven in 1st round tournament match (pinfall)

RCWA Resistance 47 – January 28, 2014
Rhys Wood  def.  Harley Davis in 1st round tournament match (submission)
The Phantom  def.  Andy Andrews (pinfall)

RCWA Underground 91 - January 30, 2014
GBYWN World Champion Sam Jude  def.  Dick Manwich in Tournament semi final (submission)
Rhys Wood  def.  Steve Farrell (submission)
Sean Wilson  def.  Nero (pinfall)

RCWA Underground 92 – February 6, 2014
Nero  def.  Johnny White & Mason Ryder in triple threat match (pinfall)
Ark Howlett  def.  Rhys Wood in tournament semi final (pinfall)
Brian Killjoy  def.  Will Ospreay, Dan Van Virtigo & Ash Draven in 4 way (pinfall)

WZWA Combat Crisis 2014 - February 8, 2014 - Australia
KY Fusion w/DK Joker Def. Steele Kemsley
Brian Lowe Def. GBYWN Australian/WZWA Tag Team Champion Jack Wallace
Antillicus Def. GBYWN Australian/WZWA Tag Team Champion Dynamo
Acid w/Crude Def. DK Joker w/KY Fusion
Fazer Def. GBYWN World Hardcore Champion Killawatt Kaos
Clint Marshall Def. 3-Dawg
WZWA Backyard Championship - Elimination Extreme Rules Fatal 4 Way - Mike Delcanho (c) Def. JD Flame, Dan Zeplin and Acid
"Nightstalker" Daniel Johnston Def. Mikanos
GBYWN Australian Heavyweight Championship - Rex Regum (c) Vs "Rockstar" Alex Stone ends in a No Contest
WZWA Heavyweight Championship - Dark Ice (c) Def. Aston Crude w/Acid

RCWA Underground 93 – February 13, 2014
Ash Draven  def.  Dick Manwich (pinfall)
Steve Farrell & Jake Ryan  def.  Rhys Wood & Johnny White (pinfall)
LvG  def.  Nero (pinfall)

UWC TBD - February 9, 2014 - New Jersey
*#1 Contenders Match* Joshua Wesker Def. Venum and Herman Cox
UWC Champion Killa K Def. Trouble
Saint Vengeance Def. Jimmy Spino by DQ

Killa K Featuring UWC - February 16, 2014
Joshua Wesker def. Warren Peace by DQ (Cox Interference)
Saint Vengeance Def. Herman Cox
Elder Foreman & Jimmy Spino Def. Lee
Venum Def.  UWC Champion Killa K

Underground 94 – Thursday 20th February 2014
Dan Van Virtigo  def.  Rhys Wood (pinfall)
Andy Andrews & Omega Bill def.  Mason Ryder & Nero (pinfall)
Sam Jude & Brian Killjoy  def.  Ark Howlett in handicapped match (pinfall)

NEW ERA Homeward Bound Day 1 - 2/22/14 - Massachusetts

3BW Back To The Future - February 22, 2014 - Pennsylvania
Matches Include:
Joey’s Open Challenge - Big Juicy Def. 3BW FemFatal Champion Queen Joey
CJ Riot Def. Todd Austin
3BW Survivor Champion Nightmare Neil Def. Ajak
Scapegoats (Chris Blaze & Lawrence) Def. Nate Dallas & OC
If Mortem defeats Troy's Boys he earns a shot at the 3BW Title - Cody Mortem & Warren Peace Def. Troy's Boys /3Strikes (United States Hardcore Champion Matt Scarz & ACW Champion Cameron Action)
Instinct/TJ Epic The Creed def. Mistress/Outlaw Star
Tyler Wolford Def. Josh Wesker
Big Sexy Venum Def. Spartan Kingdom
California Wildfire Def. OCWS Champion St. Vengeance
Elimination 4way - Sonny Justice Def. Neko Diamonds, Rocko and Vincent Cade
Cody Mortem Def. FX
3BW Championship - 6Way Elimination Cuffer Match - Troy Allen(c) Def. Ric Johnson v Jimmy Spino v RJB v Harrison Sage v 3BW Survivor Champion Nightmare Neil v

NEW ERA Homeward Bound Day 2 - February 23, 2014 - Massachusetts

Resistance 48 – Tuesday 25th February 2014
Andy Andrews & Omega Bill  def.  Jin Catastrophe & Harley Davis (pinfall)
Dick Manwich  def.  Mason Ryder (pinfall)

RCWA Chaos Restored – Thursday 27th February 2014
Ark Howlett  def.  Sam Jude for vacant Internet TV title (pinfall)
Omega Bill & Andy Andrews  def.  Tag Team Champions Rhys Wood & Ash Draven (pinfall)
Will Ospreay  def.  Tim Lee in last man standing match
Ash Draven  def.  LvG (pinfall)
Heavyweight Champion Sean Wilson  def.  Brian Killjoy (pinfall)

Underground 95 – Thursday 13th March 2014
Apollo  def.  Jin Catastrophe & Harley Davis in 3 way match (pinfall)
Tim Lee  def.  Andy Andrews (pinfall)
Will Ospreay  def.  Chris Taylor, Dick Manwich & Sam Jude in fatal 4 way no.1. contenders match (pinfall)

[/b]203BYW Oops We Did It Again - 3/22/14 - Connecticut[/b]
Gavin Nailz def. The Phoenix and Doc Holiday
Chris Rowe def. Knuckles and Scott Hughes
Andrew Wright def. PJ Matthews (c) to win the 203BYW Title
Patrick Wade Wilson def. Primetime
Marcus Centofante def. BRB
The Russ def. Daniel Divine (non title)

[/b]3BW Typical Violence 8 - 3/22/14 - Pennsylvania[/b]
1) Loser banned from title shot for 1 year - Street Fight - Matt Scarz Def. RJB
2) 3BW FemFatal Title - Mistress Def. Queen Joey(c)
3) First Time Ever Big Juicy Def. JessLa
4) Star’s Open Challenge Submission Match - U.S. Hardcore Title - Outlaw Star(c) Def. SomeGuyNameDan
5) Falls Count Anywhere Rematch Todd Austin Def. CJ Riot
6) Nate Dallas Def. Aaron Reign
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2014 Chronologic GBYWN Event Results Page
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