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 A Message for Young Lions Everywhere

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Shawn Jovi
Shawn Jovi

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PostSubject: A Message for Young Lions Everywhere   A Message for Young Lions Everywhere EmptyFri Apr 04, 2014 9:06 am

This thread is for those wrestlers who are considered the young lions and noobies of backyard wrestling.

In 2009 I was a major contributor (and maybe to some a spam poster) on the original GBYWN forums. Although, I was wrestling for almost 3 years around that time I pretty much was still considered a noob in their eyes. Mostly because I didn't know much and I was a trampoline wrestler at the time.

One of my major downfalls of being on the old forums was the fact I that I was in way over my head. Although I was a nice guy I had my moments where I was a considered a little emo bitch on the forums because a got a lot of heat from others (mostly Sic Ric).

Since I stopped yarding full time in 2010 after I left the GBYWN forum and alliance on semi bad terms I had a lot of thinking time and now that the forums are sort of back I feel like I can make a fresh start again despite the fact I still suck for the most part

Here's some advice for newer wrestlers. If any BYW veterans would like to add to this feel free to:

1. Don't think you're a big shot: When I started I thought I was a big shot. Instead my peers shot me down more than anything. You don't want that.

2. Post your media and ask for advice: Make sure you post media and ask for some feedback whether its on here or on the facebook group. Take all criticisms, reflect on them and improve. Even if you get put down and get nothing helpful for feedback. Take it as a motivator to improve.

3. Take it like a man: If someone talks down on you whether they're trying to motivate you in some way or they're just bullying you around. Don't get super defensive and create a loop of drama. It's not a good thing to do. GBYWN has had enough drama in the past. Trust me.

4. Ask questions: If you're not sure on how to do things or you're at a supershow with questions or want some help training ask someone with experience. Most of the time they will help. It looks better if you ask for help rather than deny the fact you need it.

5. Thank others: If someone tries to help you or just gives you advice, thank them. Just don't suck up to them and be a mark about it.

Sorry that this is so long but I want to help others who are in the position as I was a few years back. Again, if anyone has something to add let me know. Thanks for reading.

-Shawn Jovi
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PostSubject: Scripted BYW VET wants back   A Message for Young Lions Everywhere EmptyWed Jul 09, 2014 3:28 pm

 Benoit I wanna wrestle again, im great taking bumps and perfer to be the fall guy... with a few wins, im 27, outta shape lol bad back bad knees bad neck lol but im still willing to get in one more time, i specialized in tlc, extreme hardcore (trash cans,, barbed wire, flourescent bulbs. my byw backround was mostly a scripted project we practiced and were not out to cripple each other what we did was "Entertainment" to ensure you get more than one match, and we did have a RING with ropes/barbed wire. No trampolines no stupid bounce houses and we learned who we work best with by training.. id love to come check you guys out maybe be an audience member who crashes a match.. Am willing and ready!! Lesnar 
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A Message for Young Lions Everywhere
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