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 Base Setup

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Brett Hadley

Brett Hadley

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PostSubject: Base Setup   Base Setup EmptyFri Mar 21, 2014 10:42 am

Last August, my company HRWF moved away from horrible trampolines, and moved on to a base that we built. Our base consists of tires on the bottom, ply wood on top of the tires, and padding on top of the ply wood, and then a tarp. Some people in the company are pussies and complain that it's to hard. I was watching NYE 3, and the base looks a lot softer than ours. So I was wondering how do you guys build your base?

If you wanna see how our base it you can watch our first show back. If you watch the base, their is no sinking, and only alittle bounce.

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PostSubject: Re: Base Setup   Base Setup EmptyWed Apr 02, 2014 7:24 am

I'm from the UK, Wales to be more precise our backyard fed uses the following:-

- Pallets
- Mattress in the middle with tyres all around. (Nice to have that middle bit for the big moves, really helps with keeping a few years of work in our bodies haha.)
- Wood (Whatever wood we can salvage and fit it together in whatever makes most sense and helps cover all the gaps.
- Padding and Layers of Carpet.

It's not too bad atm, still a bit stiff here and there but thats what most fed's use, decent ones anyway. Springy rings can lead to a lot of sloppyness and botches.
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Base Setup
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