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 GBYWN Podcast Episode 1 : Hogan Had This Buisness Figured Out

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Rad Hazard
Rad Hazard

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PostSubject: GBYWN Podcast Episode 1 : Hogan Had This Buisness Figured Out   Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:02 am

GBYWN Podcast Episode 1 : Hogan Had This Buisness Figured Out

It's finally here! The very first edition of the fucking hypest Bi-Weekly audio wannabee talk show about half naked men in their backyards grabbing each other on youtube: The Global Backyard Wrestling Nation podcast with our inaugural special guest Mike Fucking Damage!

Since we're starting fresh with not much to talk about, We kick off the show with my personal origin for why we have the GBYWN Podcast, followed by a "Backyard Wrestling Weekly" Style recap of the first five GBYWN events of the year followed by our main event of the evening: the first 45 minutes of my interview with the "Fuckaround Champ" himself Mike Damage as he tells us about his childhood and his first year in BXW...and don't forget to stay after I sign off to hear our very first "Sounds of Backyard Wrestling" audio byte featuring Marcus Centofante and Alex Cross!

This is my very first attempt at an audio show, so expect the format to change over time as I receive more feedback for future segments, starting with weekly fan questions, so start asking and your question might get answered on the air!


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PostSubject: Re: GBYWN Podcast Episode 1 : Hogan Had This Buisness Figured Out   Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:26 pm

-I like the idea of going through someone's childhood and history with wrestling, but I'd recommend you not do that every episode, because I feel most people will have the same things to say. Still, it worked well here. 
-Mike's definitions of hardcore matches and deathmatches hit the nail on the head. 
-Rad's Willy Wonka reference getting no-sold made me sad. 
-Early BXW sounds way too much like my early yarding experience. 
-Fuck this two weeks bullshit, I want the rest of this now. 
-All in all, this was tons of fun to listen to. It flows pretty well as a podcast, because it's clear that you know how to work one. There were a few moments of dead air, but they weren't too distracting or anything. I'm really excited for this next video, and I'd love to be on this someday.

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GBYWN Podcast Episode 1 : Hogan Had This Buisness Figured Out
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