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 BXW Main Event Mafia Stepdads - Rad Hazard Vs Marky Lectric (10/5/13)

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Rad Hazard

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PostSubject: BXW Main Event Mafia Stepdads - Rad Hazard Vs Marky Lectric (10/5/13)    Thu Feb 06, 2014 4:26 pm

BXW Main Event Mafia Stepdads
October 5, 2013
Allentown, Pennsylvania

No Disqualification Match
GBYWN World X-Division Champion & BXW Champion Marky Lectric Def. GBYWN World Tag Team Champion & NEW ERA Tag Team Champion Rad Hazard


Former 2-Time Battle Born Wrestling World Champion (Longest reigning)
Former Global Backyard Wrestling Nation World Tag Team Champion (w/ Eric Douglas, Kris Urban & Phoenix)
Former 3-Time Global Backyard Wrestling Nation United States Champion (first ever)
Former NEW ERA (New York) Tag Team Champion (w/ Eric Douglas) (Last Ever)
2013 BXW (Pennsylvania) Tag Tag Revolution Tournament Winner (w/ Eric Douglas)
2012 TWC (Pennsylvania) Money In The Bank Winner
Retired TJ Blade (EWA Elite 2013)
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BXW Main Event Mafia Stepdads - Rad Hazard Vs Marky Lectric (10/5/13)
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