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 BXW Goodbye 2013 Day 1

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BXW Goodbye 2013 Day 1 Empty
PostSubject: BXW Goodbye 2013 Day 1   BXW Goodbye 2013 Day 1 EmptySat Jan 25, 2014 2:55 am

BXW Goodbye 2013
Allentown, Pennsylvania
November 2, 2013

BXW thanks it's #1 fan: Andy (0:16)

The Pure Rules actually benefit Mike Damage (4:40)

Opening Promo (7:23)

GBYWN World Pure Championship
Pure Rules Match
Special Referee: Rad Hazard
Sam Jude(c) Vs. Mike Damage (16:38)

GBYWN United States Tag Team Championship Tournament : Semi Finals
Tag Team Match
Ass N' Stache (The Russ & Crazy Pete) Vs. The Unit Patrol (Bless & Tony Deppen) (34:56)

BXW Inner-City Championship
Singles Match
Sic Ric Vs. Drake Genocide(c) (00:16)

Singles Match
Killa K Vs. Ric Johnson

GBYWN United States Tag Team Championship Tournament
Semi Finals
Time Is Mula (Showtime & Chris Mula) Vs. THE WWF: The Wonder/Wright Foundation (Mike Wonder & Andrew Wright) (18:57)

GBYWN World Internet Championship
15 Minute Time Limit
Elimination 4-Way Match
Halo Brown Vs. James Connelly Vs. Tommy Flambeau Vs. Jimmy Spino(c) (00:06)

BXW Championship
Singles Match
Benjamin Rite Backe Vs. Marky Lectric(c) (13:18)

GBYWN United States Championship
No Disqualification Match
Kris Urban(c) Vs. Alex Cross (28:17)

Banana Mike runs by (00:16)

GBYWN United States Tag Team Championship Tournament
Semi Finals
Tag Team Match
The A-Team (Anarchy Andy & Arbo) Vs. The Flamboyz (Adam Bernett & Andrew Sellers) (00:19)

Doooooon! (20:04)

Triple Threat Match
TKO Vs. Clayton Cross Vs. Doc Holidae (20:56)

GBYWN World Tag Team Championship
Tables Ladders and Chairs Tag Team Match
The Radical Movement Elite(c) (Rad Hazard & Eric Douglas) Vs. The Stepdads (Patrick Wade Wilson & Daniel Divine) (32:11)

Banana Mike runs by (00:16)

Singles Match
Johnnyboy Vs. Murph (00:18)

Singles Match
Suacyde Vs. Saint Vengeance (14:03)

GBYWN World Championship
Street Fight
Marcus Centofante(c) Vs. Matt Demorest (22:54)
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BXW Goodbye 2013 Day 1
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